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Rev. Amy DeLong
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-- Grace-Filled Ministry Continues --

Rejoice! - Restorative Justice decision may bring an end to trials of GLBT pastors in the United Methodist Church.

The trial court decision places Rev. Amy in the position of officially writing and teaching about a better way to handle disagreements between clergy. While Amy's writing will have a large context, it will be directly informed by 40 years of conflict over leadership by gay and lesbian clergy in the United Methodist Church.

Rev. Amy has been working in consultation with Bishop Linda Lee, Jorge Luis Mayorga Solis (Cabinet), Rev. Richard Strait (Chair of Board of Ordained Ministry), and Rev. Wesley White (a clergy person of Rev. Amy's choice) to design a set of procedures to put before the Wisconsin United Methodist Clergy in June of 2012.

Information about the work of Rev. Amy since the trial will be located under "Latest News" in the menu above. Note Rev. Amy's speaking schedule and visit with her when she is in your area.

The trial website and information is still available under "Trial Archive" above.

Even as the trial court recognized Rev. Amy's gifts to the Church, they did not supply any resources needed by their decision. If you are willing to help support Rev. Amy as she proceeds to further assist the church in living up to its ideals of grace-filled witnessing, please use the donation process below or the "Donate" menu item above.

"What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. What happens in Tampa changes the church." We expect and hope that Rev. Amy will be able to attend General Conference 2012 in Tampa, Florida. She will be particularly valuable there and financial resources are not currently available to allow her presence. Your gift will also support Amy in attending and being a teaching presence at General Conference.

Rev. Amy DeLong Teaching Fund

Rev. Amy is continuing to write and teach through Kairos CoMotion,
co-founded by Rev. Amy in 2001 and for which she is the Executive Director.

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